Function and Type Nails

Paku is a hard metal pointed end, generally made of steel, which is used to attach the two ingredients by penetrating both. Generally forwarded to the material using a hammer or nail gun driven by compressed air or blast impulse kecil.Ukuran Paku diverse, generally graded ranging from 1 to 15 centimeters long. The longer the nail, the larger the diameter of the body. Nowadays there are diverse forms Paku. Among them, tacks, the only body length: 1 centimeter with a half-ball-shaped head. These spikes are mainly used for attaching a paper-to wooden planks. Nail cable, which is shaped like an inverted U-shaped, useful for attaching cables in the walls or wood. This type of nail Agency; wrapped in plastic insulation. Hobnail-bodied flat, small, with a length of no more than two centimeters, are used to attach the soles of shoes.

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