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Medical and Surgical Clothing

Medical and Surgical Clothing

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Kinds of Medical Clothing That Must Be Used Before Entering the Operating Room

1. Hair Cap

Hair cap is a hair cover that must be used by medical staff while on duty, especially when performing surgical operations.

This hair cap is useful to keep the head from being contaminated with pathogens or microorganisms present in the patient.

In addition, the use of a head covering while on duty is also intended to prevent the officer's head from being exposed to sprays or splashes of substances (liquids) from patients being treated.

2. Face Shield

A face shield is a face shield that is used by medical personnel. Face shields are important to be used in order to protect patients and staff from particles that come out while performing surgical operations. Behind the Face Shield, officers are also required to wear a respiratory mask.

3. Gloves

Gloves are a mandatory component used by medical personnel during surgery. It is recommended that the type of gloves used is made of latex.

The use of gloves will allow health workers to freely hold something while on duty. In addition, the use of gloves will also reduce the risk of disease transmission from patients or from staff through touching blood, skin and other body parts.

4. Protective Clothing

Protective clothing commonly used by medical officers is in the form of hazmad clothing or PPE. This protective clothing must be used so that the staff is sterile, both before and after the operation.

New Product Medical and Surgical Clothing

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