Concrete Fence

Concrete Fence

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Apart from BRC fences, there are also other types of fences such as concrete fences. Concrete fence is one of the precast concrete products made from high quality concrete. Usually this type contains concrete material elements and specifically pembesian. Often this type is used as a land boundary or protect the area. You can find quality concrete panel fences at affordable prices in

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Difference between Concrete Panel and Precast Fence and Its Advantages

Concrete fence panels in Indonesia began circulating since the 1990s. Another name for concrete panels is the berlin fence. The advantages of concrete panels are stronger and cheaper compared to brick or brick. The installation time is faster and can be uninstalled or moved. In addition, this concrete panel fence has become a type that is often used to demarcate vacant land, gardens, industrial areas, housing, and factories.

Concrete panels consist of several elements, including panels (leaves) and columns. For the type of leaf itself is divided into two types namely plain concrete panel leaves and patterned concrete panel leaves.

Unlike concrete fence panels, precast types have a more economical price and material than conventional concrete fence panels. Precast concrete fence uses materials that have been printed at the factory. Because his actions are not affected by conditions and weather at the construction site, making precast concrete quality is guaranteed. In addition, this type can be assembled and more environmentally friendly.

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