Heating Element

Heating Element

The heating element is a device that works very simply by converting electrical energy into heat energy through the Joule Heating process. In contrast to conductors, heat elements are made of metal with high electrical resistance, usually made of a nickel-chrome mixture called nichrome. When an electric current that flows in this element encounters resistance, it will produce heat. Usually heating elements we often encounter for daily purposes such as in the installation of water heaters, space heaters, food warmers, to egg incubators. Well, for those of you who need this tool for both individual and industrial purposes, you can count on Indotrading.com!

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Use of Heating Elements:

1. Water Heater

Actually the use of this element in a water heater is quite clear. The purpose is to heat the water in the tube located inside the water heater. So that the water that was originally cold turns into hot and can be used for bathing and other activities. That way, you don't need to trouble boiling water manually.

2. Food Warmers

To keep food warm, many fast food restaurants use heating elements to warm food so that food can be served warm and delicious.

3. Room Heater

Besides functioning to warm food and heat water, the heating element also functions to warm the air in the room, usually used when winter arrives.

4. Egg Incubator

The heating element can also be used to support the livestock industry, you know! Yes, if you want to hatch the best number and quality of chicken eggs, eggs must be placed at a certain temperature. Well, this is one of the functions of the heat element, which is to help keep the temperature warm.

Application of pamanas element:

  • Immersion heater: this heating element is designed as a device attached to tanks and containers to heat liquids such as water, oil, resin, salt solution, sugar, chemical, wax, asphalt, paraffin, and solid materials with melting point properties which is low.
  • Tubular heater: a type of heating element that is used to heat solids, liquids, or gases.
  • Ceramic Bobbin heater: this heater is an excellent choice for use with heavy bunker oil fuels, corrosive liquids and high viscosity liquids.
  • Catridge Heater: the heater that is most widely used to heat Blocks of Metal or molds, is usually applied in the heating process of a packaging machine.
  • Coil heater: a heater suitable for heating ceramic, mica, asbestos, fibrothal, castable air etc
  • Silica Heater / Silica Quartz Heater is one type of heater with a water immersion system, chemical liquid, fabric, plastic, packaging, plastic, room, and others.
  • Finned Heater: the heating element is tubular and finned and is the most suitable solution for air heating.
  • Band Heater: heater used for plastic processing applications in the form of cylinders, mold heaters and the rubber industry.
  • Hot Plate Heater: used for professional kitchens in various shapes and sizes.
  • Infrared radiant heater: Infrared series heaters are designed for applications that require heating and comfort in indoor, outdoor areas. Used in large areas such as arenas, sawmills, gymnasium auditoriums, sauna rooms, racetracks, parking garages, to planes and large areas that require heating.
  • Strip Heater: ideal heater for plastic processing applications, packaging, etc.
  • Dummy Load Heater: used for testing Genset / Engine.

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