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In modern times like today, of course the existence of a water heater is often needed. Even so, have you ever thought about how this tool can heat water quickly. If you don't know yet, in the water heater there is a device that functions to heat the water called the water heating element . The water heating element is an electronic device that can heat water quickly and easily. The heat source contained in this element comes from wires that have high electrical resistance. That is why this wire does not melt despite exposure to hot temperatures when the tool begins to be used.

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Know the Size of the Water Heater Element on a Water Heater

There are three sizes of water heating elements available in this tool, including the following.

1. Small size of approximately 250-500 watts.    

2. Middle size of approximately 700 - 1200 watts.    

3. Large size of approximately 1200 - 2000 watts.    

Function of the Water Heater Element on a Water Heater

Actually the use of this element in water heaters is quite clear. The purpose is to heat the water in the tube located inside the water heater . So that the water that was originally cold turns into hot and can be used for bathing and other activities. That way, you don't need to trouble boiling water manually.

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