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Heating Element

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Drying Oven 53 L Mst
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What is Heating Element

The heating element is a device that works very simply by converting electrical energy into heat energy through the Joule Heating process. In contrast to conductors, hot elements are made of metals with high electrical resistance, usually made of a nickel-chrome alloy called nichrome. When the electric current flowing in this element encounters its resistance, it will generate heat.

Price Heating Element / Heater Panel 10Cm Rp 75,000
Price Heater Strip AF A1 D APM KANTHAL up to 1400degC Rp 12,345
Price Industrial Heating Element Heater Finned Tubular Silicon Cartridge TEMPSENS Rp 12,345
Price Drying Oven 53 L Mst Rp 9,000,000
Price Heating (Tubular catridge band heater) Rp 450,000
Price Fibrothal Heating Modules Rp 12,345
Price Radiant Tube Heater / Bundle Rod Heater Rp 12,345
Price Finned Heating Coils (Heater) Rp 24,000,000
Price Silicon Carbide SIC Rp 12,345
Price Kanthal Heating Element Wire Rp 12,346

Uses of Heating Elements:

1. Water Heater

The usefulness of the heating element in the water heater is quite clear, because its main use is to heat water in the tube located inside the water heater. So that the originally cold water turns into hot water and can be used for bathing and other activities. That way, you don't have to bother with boiling water manually.

2. Food Warmers

To keep food warm, many fast food restaurants use heating elements to warm the food so that it can be served warm and tasty.

3. Heating

In addition to functioning to warm food and heat water, the heating element also functions to warm the air in the room, usually used during winter.

4. Egg Incubator

Heating elements can also be used to support the livestock industry, you know! Yes, if you want to hatch chicken eggs with the best quantity and quality, then the eggs must be placed at a certain appropriate temperature. Well, this is one of the functions of the heat element, which is to help keep the temperature warm.

Heating element application:

1. Immersion heater:
this heating element is designed as a device attached to tanks and containers to heat liquids such as water, oil, resins, saline solutions, sugars, chemicals, waxes, asphalt, paraffin, and solid materials with low melting point properties. low.

2. Tubular heater: a type of heating element that is used to heat solid, liquid, or gas objects.

3. Ceramic Bobbin heater: This heater is an excellent choice for use with heavy bunker oil fuels, corrosive fluids and high viscosity fluids.

4. Cartridge Heater: the most widely used heater for heating Blocks of Metal or molds, usually applied in the heating process of packaging machines.

5. Coil heater: suitable heater for heating ceramic air, mica, asbestos, fibrothal, castable etc.

6. Silica Heater/Silica Quartz Heater: is a type of heater with an immersion system, usually water, chemical liquids, fabrics, plastics, packaging, plastics, rooms, and others.

7. Finned Heater: tubular and finned heating elements and is the most suitable solution for air heating.

8. Band Heater: Heater used for cylindrical plastic processing applications, mold heating and rubber industry.

9. Hot Plate Heater: used for professional kitchens in various shapes and sizes.

10. Infrared Radiant Heater: Infrared series heaters are designed for applications that require heating and comfort in indoor, outdoor areas. Used in large areas such as arenas, sawmills, gymnasium auditoriums, sauna rooms, racetracks, parking garages, to aircraft and large areas that require heating.

11. Strip Heater: ideal heater for plastic processing, packaging and other applications.

12. Dummy Load Heater: used for testing Gensets / Engines.

That's the discussion of heating devices. In addition to heating devices, you can also use-, heat pumps, PTC heaters, dryer heaters, heating mantles, and others.

New Product Heating Element

Elemen Pemanas / Panel Heater 10Cm
Rp 75,000
Toko Teknik Heater Centralindo
Status Pajak: Non PKP
Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta
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Elemen Pemanas Mica Ceramic Belimbing
Rp 123
Status Pajak: Non PKP
Surabaya, Jawa Timur
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Oven Pemanas Industri
Rp 180,000,000
PT Mahatma Sandya Adhyastha
Status Pajak: Non PKP
Karawang, Jawa Barat
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Heater pemanas ruang (Tubular catridge band heater)
Rp 450,000
PT. Mutiara Gerhana Abadi
Status Pajak: PKP
Bekasi, Bekasi
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Finned Heating Coils (Heater)
Rp 24,000,000
CV Jasatama Karya Teknik
Status Pajak: PKP
Pekan Baru, Riau
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Kawat Kanthal untuk electric heater
Rp 100
PT. Alfa Fikrindo Utama
Status Pajak: Non PKP
Bekasi, Bekasi
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