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Types of Screwdrivers

Based on the type or model, the screwdriver is divided into two types plus and minus. Of the two types are still distinguished into several types again, of which based on how to use as in the following explanation:

1. Hand screwdriver, this type of manual use for opening and tightening various types of bolts.
  2. Electric screwdriver, its use of electricity to rotate the eye of the screwdriver to tighten and release the bolt.
  3. Knock screwdriver, used to open the bolt with hard pressure and rotation by hitting on the handle of the screwdriver.

Price of Screwdriver Plus and Minus (+/-)

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Brand / Type Estimated price
Krisbow Per Set of 31 pcs Rp. 149,000
Tekiro 6x250 mm Rubber Handle Rp. 31,900
Tekiro Two Ways 2x125 mm Rp. 61,900
Wipro Per Set of 7 pcs Rp. 139,000
American Tool 6 pcs Rp. 119,000

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