Function and Type Nitrogen

Nowadays, people are more familiar with nitrogen only limited tire filler gas in motor vehicles such as car tires and motorcycle tires, where gas is used as a substitute filling the air pumped through compressor that you often encounter in a tire on the roadside. Nitrogen has a very large role in the industry and is a gas that is versatile, because it is Inert nitrogen (N2) is used by many industrial chemicals, petrochemicals, agro-industry, and are commonly used to pump the tire. Benefits of Nitrogen in human life, including very much at all. In liquid form (liquid) Cryogenic Nitrogen (N2) is used to freeze food, to preserve biological materials, recycling of composite materials, and cooling in the treatment of rheumatism and refrigerant in action a surgical operation at low temperature (cryosurgery). Gaseous Nitrogen (N2) is used as an atmospheric gas that replaces oxygen (O2) or other gases in the air that can damage or even harmful to the activities underway.

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