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Types of Multimeters

1. Analog
The first type of measuring instrument is analogous to the characteristics of a clockwise display that is equipped with a range of measured numbers. In other words, the type of Analog is more manual calculation so that accuracy is needed especially when determining a voltage or a voltage large enough. In addition, the accuracy of the calculation results is also lower than the Digital type.

2. Digital
Digital type measuring devices are more often used because the way it works is much easier and accurate. The results of the measuring instrument can be easily read on the printed digital screen. Another term for this type of multitester is DVOM (Digital Volt Ohm Meter) or DMM (Digital Multi Meter). In the Digital type, in addition to being able to measure Voltage, Resistance, and Electric Current, this measuring instrument is also capable of measuring the Hfe transistors that exist in certain types only.

Multimeter Function

  1. Measures electric current or amperes
  2. Measures the utility voltage or voltage level of the electrical component
  3. Measures the level of resistance or resistance of an electrical component
  4. Serves as Hfe which can be used to determine the value of the transistor gain factor
  5. Measuring the capacitance value of the capacitor
  6. Find out the frequency value of the signal in the electronic component

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