Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

Selling the best price motion sensors from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy Motion sensors with the latest prices function to detect objects such as moving objects, humans or animals. The way this motion detection sensor works is that it is integrated using components that automatically give signals to certain signs. This type of sensor is often applied to electronic technology such as for example in automatic lighting systems, automatic doors, air conditioners and other control equipment. This sensor tool is often used by various companies or manufacturers of electronic equipment and some are used to manufacture robots. To find sensors that fit what you need, you can easily search and submit procurement requests through suppliers in Indotrading.

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3 Types of Motion Sensors Based on Technology

In selecting a sensor you should first ascertain what type of sensor you will use for your various needs. To find out the types of motion sensors based on technology you can see the following explanation:

1. Passive Infrared or PIR Sensor

Electronic sensors function to measure infrared light (IR) which emanates from objects that move from its range. This sensor is often used for manufacturing electronic equipment or PIR-based motion detectors.

2. Ultrasonic Sensor

A sensor that functions to change the physical quantity (sound) into an electrical quantity or vice versa. How it works Ultrasonic Sensor is the reflection of sound waves to calculate the distance of moving objects with a certain frequency.

3. Microwave Sensor

The sensor that produces microwaves and then to calculate the reflection so that it can know the object is moving or not.

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