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Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

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3 Types of Motion Sensors Based on Their Technology

In choosing a sensor, you should first make sure what type of sensor you will use for your various needs. To find out the types of motion sensors based on the technology, you can see the following explanation:

1. Passive Infrared or PIR Sensor

Electronic sensors function to measure infrared (IR) light emitting from moving objects from their range. This sensor is often used for the manufacture of electronic equipment or PIR-based motion detectors.

2. Ultrasonic Sensor

A sensor that functions to convert physical quantities (sound) into electrical quantities or vice versa. How the Ultrasonic Sensor works, namely from the reflection of sound waves to calculate the distance of moving objects with a certain frequency.

3. Microwave Sensor

A sensor that generates microwaves and then calculates their reflection so that it knows whether the object is moving or not.