LCD Modules

LCD Modules

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In a variety of electronic equipment there is a component called an LCD module. LCD modules are display devices consisting of liquid crystals, connectors, integrated circuits, PCB circuit boards, backlights, structural components which are combined into one. This flexible LCD can have a variety of different uses and functions. Usually there is something made in the framework of electronic devices, or those that are used as additional tools to increase access or usability.

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LCD Controller And LCD Module Types

LCD or Liquid Cristak Display is one type of digital display (electronic) made with CMOS logic technology. Where this works by not producing light from back-lit. LCD display functions as a data viewer in the form of characters, letters, numbers or graphics.

For the controller, the LCD module has a microcontroller that functions as a controller for LCD character display. Microcontroller on an LCD is equipped with memory and registers. For its own type, LCD modules consist of various kinds such as monitors, telephone expansion, switch modules and much more.

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