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Fire Trucks

Fire Trucks

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Types of Fire Engines

Fire trucks come in many different forms and functions. If you look at the shape of the fire engine, it is divided into two, namely the light fire engine and the large fire engine.

1. Light Fire Engine

Light Fire Tender is the name for a light fire engine. This fire truck has characteristics such as a small shape that is sized like a pickup, jeep and others.

2. Big Fire Engine

Fire Truck or Fire Tender is the name for a large fire truck. This fire truck has characteristics such as a large shape and weight because it generally uses a truck chassis.

3. Foam Fire Engine

Foam Tender Truck is the name for a foam type fire engine. This type of car is definitely equipped with various facilities to be able to spray foam or foam fire extinguishers.

4. Chemical Powder Fire Engine

Dry Chemical Tender is a term for a chemical flour type fire engine. This type of car is specially designed to be able to extinguish fires with Dry Chemical or chemical flour.

5. Dual Fire Engines

Multi Agent Fire Tender is a term for a fire engine that has two types of extinguishing agents such as water, foam or dry chemical.

6. Pump Fire Car

Pump Truck–This type of car is generally small in size and has a function to carry a pump, however, as for this type of fire engine, it carries water, but in a not-too-large amount.

7. Ladder Fire Car

Turntable Tender and Snorkel is the name for a fire engine that carries an automatic ladder. This type of fire engine has a larger size than other fire engines. This is due to the presence of a ladder carried. The ladder can go up and down automatically to reach a certain height. Generally this type of car is used to reach areas of buildings that have hotspots on high floors or to evacuate victims.

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