Golf Cart

Golf Cart

Buy golf carts / cheap buggy golf cars from suppliers, distributors, importers for the need for short-distance transportation on the golf course, housing complex, industrial complex, airport and various other needs. All types of mini cars for short distances generally have a small engine capacity and are usually made from gasoline / premium and some are using electric car technology. So with you using this type of car all activities will be easier to do and cost-effective and very minimal maintenance because it is not like large cars in general. Search and find various models and brands of buggy golf cars at the lowest prices in Indonesia for resale or directly used by yourself only from all the sellers in right now.

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Golf Cart Engine Type

If divided based on the type of engine or fuel, this golf course or airport car is divided into two types namely motorized and electric / electric cars and the following is an explanation of the syntax:

  1. Electric golf carts are types of cars using electric engine technology as these generally rely on large and stable electric power using good batteries / batteries. With the capacity and power that is adjusted to the needs of an electric engine in various types of electric cars.
  3. Fueled golf carts are types of mini cars with small engine capacities that use small CC engine technology. Usually these engines use premium fuel or gasoline with moderate capacity.

Prices of Electric and Motorized Golf Carts

To search for various car price information for airports, golf courses and this industrial or industrial complex you can directly submit a purchase request from all buggy golf car sales companies with the lowest prices produced in domestic or overseas with competitive quality. Here are some price references that can be considered to choose goods with the best price, brand and quality.

Brand / Type Estimated Price
Yamaha Brand Electric Golf Carts Rp. 175,000,000
EZGO Brand Elektrikc Buggy Golf Car Rp. 45,000,000

Supplier and Distributor of Golf Cars in Indonesia

Still haven't found car supplier or distributor information for golf courses or cities and industries? Here in you will easily search and get a variety of company information that sells cars that you are looking for throughout Indonesia both domestically and abroad. Various offers from distributors and suppliers nearby, the cheapest and most comprehensive you can get at the best price and offer goods in accordance with your purchase request.

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