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Buy MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) low price MCB Schneider, Legrand, Hager, ABB, Siemens, Lovato, LS and others from the most complete and largest MCB suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy all the needs of goods according to the model and type of MCB that you need from all sellers in Get a variety of easy shopping circuit breakers directly in Indotarding with hundreds to thousands of sellers in Indotrading easily, quickly and can compare prices from each supplier's offer. Maximize the function of the MCB to protect electrical installations / overcurrent circuit breakers due to short circuiting and overloading. & Nbsp;

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Supplier Price of Miniature Circuit Breaker in Indotrading

List the approximate prices of MCB suppliers and distributors in Indotrading, all these prices are some products that are displayed by sellers in Indotrading. For the latest MCB price information you can also immediately submit a request for an item offer directly to hundreds of thousands of suppliers in Indotrading to get the latest price updates.

Product name MCB brands Price
MCB or 3P 400V 3A Circuit Breaker Legrand Rp 233,000
MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) LS 3 P 40A-63A LS Rp. 106,000
MCB / Miniature Circuit Breaker C60H-DC 2 Poles 63A A9N61539 Schneider IDR 1,534,000
MMcb Hager Single Phase (1Pole) 4.5 Ka 6A-40A Type My 106-MY 140 Hager Rp. 45,000
MCB or Circuit Breaker Time Switch Legrand Rp 550,000
MCB / Miniature Circuit Breaker C60H-DC 2 Pole 50A A9N61538 Schneider IDR 1,534,000
Mcb Hager Single Phase (1Pole) 4.5 Ka 50A And 63 A Type My 150 And My 163 Hager Rp 96,500
1P MCB or Circuit Breaker 230 - 400V 10A 6000RX Legrand Rp. 55,000
MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) LS 1 P 40A-63A LS IDR 32,000

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Find various suppliers according to the location closest to your company location, all the items you are looking for you can get directly from the supplier company that is located closest to the company so that the supply of goods to your company will be faster. All purchases of goods including MCB can be obtained easily and in detail by submitting a request for an item offer from the supplier closest to you. To select MCB suppliers near your city, you can directly select the MCB supplier category based on the following cities:  Jakarta , Surabaya  and other cities throughout Indonesia.

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The following is a list of manufacturers / manufacturers of MCB brands that are sold in Indotrading from circuit breaker suppliers and distributors throughout Indonesia. Choose one, there are several brands that match what you need and best match what you want to buy here.

MCB Schneider
Legrand MCB
MCB Hager
MCB Siemens
MCB Lovato

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