Miniature Circuit Breaker

Miniature Circuit Breaker

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Recommended MCB Types and Brands for the Best

List of estimated prices from suppliers and distributors of MCB in Indotrading, all of these prices are some of the products displayed by sellers in Indotrading. For the latest MCB price information, you can also directly request product offers directly to hundreds to thousands of suppliers in Indotrading to get the latest price updates.

1. Legrrand 3P 400V 3A

2. LS 3 P 40A-63A

3. Schneider C60H-DC 2 Pole 63A A9N61539

4. Schneider C60H-DC 2 Pole 50A A9N61538

5. Legrrand 1P 230 - 400V 10A 6000RX