Microscope Binokuler

Microscope Binokuler

Buy binocular microscope directly from the distributor with low price, warranty and reliable - Center of Distributor. Binocular microscope, the type of which one is also classified into groups of light microscopy is used with the aim of examining the inside of a cell. At a dissecting microscope found two lenses consisting of the objective lens and eyepiece. Both lenses are currently used in both the eyes of the researchers will create a three dimensional effect to the object under study. The light source used in this binocular microscope is light. The magnifying capability is not too large. The range is different for each type of lens. For the objective lens about 1 times to 2 times while that for the ocular lens zoomed in 10 times to 15 times. This binocular microscope using an objective lens with a large size because at the top there are other lens systems are made separately so that in a parallel position. In this microscope also found a separate light path on the right and left. 

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