Selling Microphones at the best prices from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy the Microphone at the latest price which is an electronic sound processing device which is also called a Mic. Mic is used to convert sound to electrical energy and then enter other electronic equipment such as loudspeakers such as amplifiers and speakers. Mic is often used in various activities such as speeches, meetings, music and other events that often use loudspeaker equipment. Specifications or types of Mic itself there are so many, to find out what are the types you can directly search for the type through a product search below or an explanation of the types in the description below.

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Types of Microphones Based on Technology

If you are looking for the best mic for various needs, you should know in advance some types of mics based on the following technology:

1. Wireless Mic is a type of mic without using a cable but instead uses wireless technology that is using a link between the receiver and the mic. The advantage of this mic is the ease of use without having to use cables that sometimes interfere with flexibility when used.

2 . Bluetooth Mic is the same mic as the wireless type that is without using a cable that uses Bluetooth technology. The advantages of the Bluetooth mic are the same as wireless technology is easier to use and easy accessibility without having to stall or roll the cable.

3. Mic Cable is a mic technology that still uses cable as connectivity between the mic and receiver. The disadvantage of this type is that it is not flexible if used because it still uses cables that can interfere when used. But from these weaknesses there are still advantages that the sound produced is stable due to minimal interruption of connections such as mic types of wireless and bluetooth.

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