Metal Detector

Metal Detector

Buy metal detectors / metal detectors at cheap wholesale prices, the best brands such as Garret and others from importers, suppliers and distributors of metal / metal detectors for all security and mining needs. In accordance with the name of this product or in accordance with its function metal detector is one type of security tool and also a mining tool because based on its use there are indeed two types namely those used by security officers to detect and ensure everyone who will enter such a building and room or certain area free from dangerous metal objects such as pistols, bombs and sharp weapons. And there is one type of model specifically used for metal or mineral detectors in mining areas. Metal detectors are able to detect the presence of metals within a certain distance. For those of you who want to buy metal detection equipment, you can directly submit a request for a bid for goods from all of the selling companies in

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Price of the Best Metal Detector Brands in Indonesia

If you want to find a price list for the cheapest metal detectors from wholesale and retail sellers from Indonesia, you can immediately see several brands and the estimated price directly on the list below. All types and models in accordance with their use for building metal detectors for security guards or for mining equipment to detect the presence of minerals and metals you can see here. In addition you can also directly submit a purchase request to all suppliers and distributors in Indonesia.

Types of Metal Detectors Estimated Price
LP MD 0129 Garrett Rp. 1,755,000
Super Scanner Garrett Rp. 1,600,000
Superwand Garret Rp. 2,200,000
Monster1000 Minelab Rp. 23,499,000
Metal Detector Walktrought Door Rp. 50,000,000

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Get various types of metal detector models based on their use directly from big sellers such as the cheapest and best suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. In addition, you can choose products based on which prices are the cheapest for a variety of business needs for resale or for security needs that are often used by building security officers such as security guards to detect all people entering and leaving the building. And there are several other models specifically used for mining companies that function to detect the presence of minerals and metals that you can get at the lowest prices in Indonesia.

How the Metal Detector Works and Functions for Security and Mining

As the name implies, metal detector is a device specifically designed with metal sensors that can detect the presence of metal content in an object that crosses this sensor. How metal detectors work, for example, metal sensor door sensors installed at the entrance of a building, when a person crosses the metal sensor door, if the person is carrying a metal object, an alarm will sound which means that the person is carrying metal objects or a kind.

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