Wood Router Machine

Wood Router Machine

Selling Quality Wood Router Machines

Router is a device used to perforate an area of ​​a relatively hard workpiece, usually of wood or plastic. The main application of router machines is in woodworking, especially cabinets. Router machines are used to give a beautiful impression on the edges of wood in a woodworking. For those of you who need a Router Machine, Indotrading.com own suppliers, agents, and distributors who sell the best quality Router Machines. Immediately make your purchase request Indotrading.com and get the best price quotes from our suppliers. And by making a purchase request in Indotrading you don't need to be tired of searching and can save your time.

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Wood Router Machine
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Wood Router Machine Work System

Router machines have working principles that are not much different like vertical drilling machines. It's just that the router machine is designed with a special blade head shape to be able to make grooves on wood surfaces with a higher rotary speed (pm). The wood router machine consists of 2 main sizes namely Collet 12 mm and AS 6 mm (trimmer). Router machines can be used for various purposes depending on the use of the knife.

The various brands of this machine are quite popular in the market such as Bosch, Maktek, Dewalt and Bitech. In addition to the application that is done in a handled (by hand), this machine can also be applied with the help of a table stand, so that the results created can be more stable and neat. There are also 4 types of knives used on router machines, namely:

  1. Groove making knife: created to be able to make various shapes of grooves, decorate table legs and make connections.
  2. Wood edge forming knives: have bullet bearings and are usually used to work wood.
  3. Edge grading knife: uses a special guide with a unique shape.
  4. Small groove making knives: function to make various shapes of grooves.

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