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Laminating Machines

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What is Laminating Machines

A laminating machine is a type of machine or tool used to coat paper or important documents using pressed plastic. The goal is to protect the paper or document from being easily damaged.

Price Mesin laminating / laminator Needtek ND 330K Rp 1,250,000
Price Mesin Laminating Kozure LM 102 - A3 Rp 662,727
Price Mesin Laminating Newmark G - 60 Rp 5,525,000
Price Mesin Laminating Newmark G - 10 Rp 637,000
Price Mesin Laminating Newmark G - 20 Rp 1,430,000
Price Mesin Laminating Newmark G - 40 Rp 2,600,000
Price Laminating Machine Dynamic 330 (620 Watt) Rp 1,122,000
Price BANTEX XYRON-DL201-100 TWO SIDED LAMINATION 8000 41 Rp 1,465,000

How to Take Care of a Laminating Machine to Make It Last

Laminating machines are often used for office and industrial needs to coat various papers or documents such as document covers, book covers and others as needed.

Here's how to care for a laminatig machine to make it durable and long-lasting:

1. Clean Machine Routine

The best way to maintain a laminating machine is to clean it regularly. Especially if the use of a laminating machine is high or in other words it is often used. In cleaning the laminating machine, make sure the machine is in the off position. After that you can clean it using a soft cloth.

2. Avoid Alcohol and Rugged Fabrics

The use of alcohol and abrasive cloths with the aim of more easily removing stains adhering to the machine is not permitted. It should be avoided its use because it can damage the components of the laminating machine.

3. Use Carrying Bags

Make sure you bring a pouch carrier or carrying bag when cleaning the laminating machine. This is because this carrying bag is intended to store the laminating plastic rollers so they don't get caught in objects around them during the cleaning process. So that the treatment process can be carried out optimally.

4. Avoid Sharp Objects

Make sure you do not use sharp objects such as scissors, knives and similar sharp objects to clean the dirt that sticks. This is because sharp objects are feared to damage the silicon in the laminating machine and affect the laminating result.

5. Don't Laminate Metal Objects

A laminating machine is a tool specially designed for laminating paper, non-metallic objects. Doing so is the same as violating the rules for using this laminating machine. This of course can shorten the life of the laminating machine.

6. Turn Off the Machine

Don't forget to always turn off the machine when you're done using it. This is very important as it is an attempt to cool and rest the engine after use. You are also not allowed to open the lid of the laminating machine carelessly, because it can cause an electric short circuit.

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