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Types of Typers

Typewriters consist of several types which can be categorized based on their size, letters and driving force, with each explanation:

1. Based on engine size
- Portable typewriter is a small size model that is easy to carry anywhere for the needs of meetings or tasks outside the office - Semi standard typewriter is a more complete type of portable type and can also be used for activities outside the office - The standard typewriter model is more complete with specifications so that it has a larger size and is not the type that can be used outside the office.

2. Based on font size
- Pica type typewriter is used for writing scientific papers using Pica letters.
- Elite type typewriter is used for writing elite letters with smaller font sizes than Pica.

3. Based on the driving force
- A manual typewriter is a typewriter by the way it works squeezing letters to be printed and shifting the roll - Electric typewriter is the latest technology from the previous generation, namely how it works using electricity or electricity, so that the typist only as a controller.