Binding Machines

Binding Machines

Selling Binding Machines or cheap Binding Machines at the best prices from suppliers in Indonesia. Buy the best binding machine to use as a tool for twining sheets of paper put together. This volume tool is needed for printing companies such as book printing including reading books or notebooks and for various types of print media such as magazines and others. The ability to bind paper to a tool i can bind from a few sheets of paper to hundreds of papers with one binding to an average thickness of about 4cm.

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Best Binding Machine Brand Recommendations

Search and find various types of paper binding tools that best suit the needs of your printing factory. Choose the best book binding tool according to the most appropriate needs and also adjust your binding type, because to bind the paper there are several types or brands as we recommend the following:

1. GEMET 31 WFO binding for single-wire binding

2. GEMET 200 FO binding for double wire binding

3. GEMET 21 H bindings for binding with plastic

4. OFFISTAR 1100 bindings for binding with paper glue

5. GEMET 602 DO bindings for binding with plastic wire

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