Fax Machines

Fax Machines

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Fax Machine Functions

A fax machine is a communication device used to send files or copies of documents using a machine that operates over the telephone network with results that are similar to the original. This machine consists of four parts, namely a photocopier, image scanner / scanner, data printing machine / printer and modem. At present, there are still many offices that use fax machines for office equipment needs. Moreover, to send important documents and to maintain the security of information, the use of this machine is very appropriate. This machine can send files to distant places in a short time.

How a Fax Machine Works for Sending Documents

The workings of the fax machine start from the necessity that the sender and receiver must have this machine. First, the sender will place the file to be sent to the machine's feeder section, then press the telephone number of the intended machine. Then this machine will scan the area in the file when the connection is connected to the destination machine. Second, the machine converts it into an electrical signal, then defines the area that is read as a bright area with the code "1" and dark areas with the code "0". The results will be transmitted through the telephone line and towards the receiving machine. Finally, the receiving machine will capture and translate the electrical signal to make a file that is exactly the same as the original then print it using special paper.

How to choose a Good Fax Machine

1. To avoid confusion, choose a fax machine that is easy to use. You can choose a fax machine with a standard display model that is commonly used so that you are quite familiar with seeing its shape when you have to operate it.
2. Choose a fax machine that has enough paper storage capacity to pollute the paper replacement time.
3. Try to choose a fax machine with quality images that are qualified so that the results are easy to read.
4. Choose a fax machine that is not too noisy. If possible, select the type of fax machine whose volume can be adjusted.
5. Choose a fax machine that has supporting features such as features that allow you to print the contents of documents that are still stored in memory, or that can print automatically when you send other documents.

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