Vacuum Frying Machine

Vacuum Frying Machine

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Vacuum Frying Machine is a machine that functions to produce fruit chips and vegetable chips by vacuum frying without changing the fruit's taste and extending the fruit's time for consumption. For those of you who need a Vacuum Frying Machine, own suppliers, agents, and distributors who sell the best quality Vacuum Frying Machines. Immediately make your purchase request and get the best price quotes from our suppliers. And by making a purchase request in Indotrading you don't need to be tired of searching and can save your time.

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Advantages of Using Vacuum Frying

The process of frying with a vacuum machine relies on temperatures lower than normal processes where the hot boiling point can reach up to 160 ° C. While not all types of food can be fried at that temperature. So there comes a vacuum frying machine that helps the frying process with low temperatures to maintain better food quality. The machine's working system itself also relies on Gay Lussac's law or known as absolute temperature, where vacuum frying has a tubular pressure with a constantly decreasing temperature which facilitates the frying process in low temperatures.

List of Vacuum Frying Price Estimates in Indotrading

Brand / Type

Price Estimation

Vacuum Frying Fruit Chips Maker 1 kg

IDR 13,000,000

Vacuum Frying 3 kg

Rp 20,000,000

5 kg Vacuum Frying

IDR 25,000,000

Fruit Chips Vacuum Frying 30 Kg

IDR 60,000,000

10 kg Vacuum Frying Machine

IDR 30,000,000

Vacuum Frying Andaro Mvf-10

Rp 20,000,000

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