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Mesin Sprayer Manual

Mesin Sprayer Manual

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Types of Manual Sprayer Machines That Are Sold In The Market

This sprayer machine is specially made with a manual working system, namely air is pumped with a pump lever so that it is accommodated in the container / tube. The compressed air in the tube presses the water so that it comes out with pressure as well. Some types of manual sprayer machines that are often encountered are as follows.

1. Ornamental plant sprayer

This tool has a tube size that is quite small, making it easy to apply because it is not heavy. Pumped manually with a pump lever, this product will spray water evenly with adjustable pressure.

2. Irrigation sprayer

In contrast to the type of plant sprayer, this product has a large enough tank up to tens of liters, so that in its use there is no need to fill water frequently. Used as an agricultural tool, this sprayer is pumped manually with a crank lever and a faucet on the spray stick so that it is able to wet agricultural crops evenly. Can be used to fertilize plants or eradicate pests. Some well-known brands for this product are Tasco manual sprayer and Maspion manual sprayer.

3. Bird sprayer

This type of sprayer is also often called a hand sprayer. Similar in size to an ornamental plant sprayer, this product is used to spray or bathe birds so that they are fresher and fresher.