Cloth Cut Machine

Cloth Cut Machine

Selling Various Quality Fabric Cutting Machines

Fabric cutting machine is one of the tools that must be owned by every textile industry player. As the name suggests, a fabric cutting machine is a device used to cut fabric into sections according to the pattern. There are various types of fabric cutting machines commonly used in industry, including; straight cutter, rotary cutter, band knife, die cutting press and laser knife.

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Know the Different Types of Fabric Cutting Tools

In the production process of making clothes, it takes a long series of steps which is certainly not easy. Starting from cutting fabric according to the pattern, the sewing process to the tidying stage. At the stage of cutting the fabric was carried out with the help of special tools that are specific to the garment industry. For more details, here are some examples of the types of fabric cutting tools commonly used:

  1. Straight Cutter

This type of cutter is a type of cutter with blades in the form of straight steel sheet plates measuring 5 to 14 inches. During use, these cutters are driven up and down following the machine's high capacity.

      2. Rotary Cutter.

For this type of cutter has a disk-shaped blade with a diameter of 2.5 to 10 inches. The way to cut it is by moving around and cutting the fabric neatly.

      3. Band Knife

This tool is equipped with a flat blade and connect to each other at the edges. The knife is also controlled by a cog with the function of maintaining the tension of the blade blade.

      4. Die Cutting Press

This one cutter is a type that has a blade shaped component pattern and is hydraulically driven. Generally designed specifically to cut each piece of clothing with a high degree of accuracy.

     5. Laser Knife

Including the type of automatic cutter with the latest generation and sophisticated system. This machine works relying on a laser with a magnitude of 0.1 mm to create accurate cuts in the pattern of clothes.

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