Cement Plaster Machine

Cement Plaster Machine

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Plaster machine is used to plaster the wall as one of the finishing in the construction process. Wall plaster can be done manually which takes a lot of time or with more modern machines. This machine can be used for various materials such as cement, plaster, mortar and others.

A plaster machine is a device used to plaster a part of a wall. Machines for plaster are designed only to do plastering. The machine has been used in Indonesia for a long time, the type of machine used is a spray plaster machine. At this time also available automatic wall plaster machine which is the latest type of machine.

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Advantages and Functions of Plaster Machine

The process of wall plaster can be done in two ways namely manually and using a machine. Working manually has the advantage that one person can do many things. For example one worker can perform several tasks such as stirring, wall making, wall painting and others.

Plaster machine is a tool that has advantages such as increasing efficiency and speed of work. Comparison of the time needed to plaster using a machine is very fast and good results. Because the machine is designed to spray plaster consistently and has the same thickness. Machine results are far better and neat compared to handmade.

The function of this plaster machine increases effectiveness by reducing the risk of errors that occur. With a small risk of error, this speeds up the process of processing. The machine can be used for plastering houses, buildings, shop houses, housing, high rise buildings and so on.

The mistakes of human workers are very vulnerable, for example different mixtures, wrong wall measurements, wrong applications, and so on. The maximum function of the plaster machine can minimize these errors, because repeating them manually will slow down work time.

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