Oil Drainer

Oil Drainer

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Oil drainer or known as spinner machine is a drainer that is specifically created to reduce the oil content in a food. This drainer relies on a deoling system or is rotated through a driving motor with a certain speed. Spinner machines are generally used by entrepreneurs in the culinary field such as in restaurants, hotels or catering services. If you need this tool, you can visit the Indotrading site and buy directly from the hands of reliable suppliers and distributors here.

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Spinner Machine Function

The oil dryer (spinner) actually has a working system exactly like the clothes drying machine found in the washing machine. With the help of a spinner, even this tool can drain the oil contained in foods such as fried foods, chips, crackers and all kinds of fried foods. Here is a review of the importance of using an oil-draining spinner in running a culinary business:

  1. Making time more efficient because it no longer requires time to dry.
  2. Cost-effective compared to using absorbent paper.
  3. The results of draining can be maximized compared to traditional methods.
  4. Can improve food quality because of reduced oil levels so that it becomes healthier.
  5. Does not make food conditions easily rancid (long lasting) because of reduced oil levels.
  6. Can produce quantities faster.
  7. Easy to use without reducing the taste of food.

Easy Ways to Use Oil Drainer Spinner

In the process of applying the oil-draining spinner machine so easily and effectively. You only need to add the food you want to drain then flatten it so that it can be filtered to the maximum. It is recommended not to put too much food at one time, use half the size of the drainer so as not to overload the motor drive the tube. After that, press the ON button and wait for 3 minutes until the oils are completely out of the filter tube.

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Do you have a culinary business that requires a quality oil drying machine? Don't worry, Indotrading.com is now available as a marketplace that offers quality industrial products offered directly from reliable suppliers and distributors. You can find various brands of popular spinner machines with new conditions and warranties. Matter of price does not matter by utilizing the price offer feature to negotiate with the seller. There are also rows of other special food machines such as seed drying machines , oil extractors and coconut oil extraction with popular brands in Indotrading.

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