Waste Counting Machine

Waste Counting Machine

Organic waste chopping machine is one type of machine specially assembled to chop various types of organic waste such as grass, vegetable waste, fruit waste, leaves, small twigs and other organic waste into smaller sizes. Chopped organic waste that has become soft will be processed again into compost or biogas fertilizer and function as other ingredients. An organic waste chopping machine is often used as an organic fertilizer or compost processing machine. One way to speed up the composting process, then the raw material for organic fertilizer must be chopped up first into small sizes. After counting the raw material for organic waste, the raw material is then mixed and fermented. After the composting process is complete and has become compost, fertilizer is then sorted using a compost sieving machine or done manually so that the compost size is uniform. Furthermore, organic fertilizer is packaged as needed.

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