Coconut Milk Hardener Machine

Coconut Milk Hardener Machine

Selling Quality Santan Squeeze Machine

Coconut milk squeezer machine is a machine that functions to produce pure coconut milk that is free of pulp. The use of coconut milk squeezing machine will have an impact because it requires a faster and more efficient work process compared to squeezing coconut milk by manual processing. Coconut milk squeezer machine is usually used for the medium or large scale culinary industry. With an operational level it will be more effective if it has more than one unit for production in large quantities. But it is also possible if this machine is used by households or culinary businesses that are managed individually. The results are very satisfying and guarantee the best quality of coconut milk.

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Types of Squeeze Santan Machine

Manual Hydraulic System Santan Squeezer Machine

This machine relies on a manual hydraulic system with efficient work methods and is capable of producing quality squeeze. The capacity of this machine can hold approximately 15 coconuts in one squeeze. Of course this machine is very helpful in the process of blackmail being more effective and efficient than blackmailing by hand.

Electric Santan Squeezer Machine

This type of machine has become an option for many entrepreneurs because of its very practical system for squeezing coconut milk. Generally this machine is equipped with 3 hole components, namely the first hole serves to enter the coconut, the second hole functions as the output of the coconut pulp and the last hole serves as the output place of the juice. The capacity of this machine can accommodate 50-60 kg / hour with machines made of stainless steel.

Price List of Squeeze Santan Machine in Indotrading

Brand / Type

Price Estimation

Extender Santan Capacity of 200 Grains Per Hour

Rp 23,000,000

Extender Santan Capacity of 500 Grains Per Hour

IDR 40,000,000

Extender Santan Capacity of 100 Grains Per Hour

IDR 17,000,000

Fruit & Vegetable Processing Press Santan

Rp 14,000,000

Santan Press Manual

Rp 6,000,000

Discover Various Quality and Affordable Coconut Milk Squeeze Machine in Indotrading

For those of you who need a coconut milk squeezer to support your business activities, get it immediately in with a large selection of quality brands directly from the hands of reliable suppliers and distributors. You can take advantage of qualified features to facilitate the shopping process while getting cheap prices by negotiating with the seller. In addition to providing machines for squeezing coconut milk, there are also a series of other machines that you can get such as coconut coir machines , compost mixers and oil palm chopper machines that are no less superior in Indotrading. Come on, shop right now!


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