Stone Breaking Machine

Stone Breaking Machine

Selling Stone Crusher

Stone breaking machine is one type of machine used to crush large rocks into smaller sizes. This machine is usually capable of producing various sizes ranging from 0 mm to 50mm. This broken stone material is generally used for various construction purposes such as hardening of the highway and various other needs such as the construction of houses and buildings that function as a reinforcement of a mixture of sand and concrete cement. Buy the latest low-cost stone-breaking machine, various brands from suppliers, distributors, dealers, agents, importers and all sellers in Indotrading now.

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Stone Breaking Machine Type

  1. Jaw Crusher

Is a type of crusher that is most often used in mining. This machine can work by pressing and destroying rocks such as mountain rocks, river stones, minerals and manganese. The way it works is determined by the strength factor of the shaft and fly wheel. When operating, this machine is supported by various other equipment.

       2. Impact Crusher

This crusher machine relies on a rotary hit system, with a high RPM speed so it can crush mountain rocks to a small size. Generally, impact crushers are used to create dry asphalt raw materials and paving blocks.

       3. Roll Crusher

The next stone crusher is a roll crusher, a type of machine that relies on a rotary roll system. Has a system that is exactly like an impact crusher but with a lower RPM speed. Usually in the mining world roll crusher is used to crush stones with low hardness levels such as limestone, coal and cement. However, when operated, this machine needs to be adapted to the quality of the gear teeth, the size of the shaft and the fly wheel.

       4. Hammer Mill

Hammer mills use the same system as before, rotary at high RPM speed. This machine is usually used to crush rocks with a smoothness level of 80-100 mesh such as lime flour, mineral ora, dolomite and mineral concentrates.

       5. Cone Crusher

Finally there is a cone crusher, which is a stone crushing machine that is quite special. This machine is equipped with a vertical rotary system that has medium speed. Cone crusher is classified as a second or advanced machine to crush rocks with a size of 5-10 cm according to the cubic or box shape.

Stone Crusher Price List in Indotrading

Brand / Type

Price Estimation

Stone Crusher or Mini Stone Crusher Machine Type 3040

Rp 120,000,000

Stone Crusher Mobile Stone Crusher Type 1012

IDR 300,000,000

Jaw Crusher 

IDR 500,000,000

Stone Crusher Mobile

IDR 300,000,000

Shanbao PE400x600 Stone Breaker

IDR 200,000,000

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