Nitrogen Machine

Nitrogen Machine

Nitrogen engine is a machine that functions as a nitrogen filling machine that is able to drain the contents of vehicle tires and then replace them automatically with nitrogen that has been produced through a nitrogen generator engine. The workings of this machine, namely a high-pressure air compressor will drive winds containing 79% nitrogen, 20% oxygen and 1% water vapor into the nitrogen generator engine. Then nitrogen will be filtered and then it can be directly inserted into the vehicle tire. The level of purity of nitrogen between 95-99.5% which can be produced by this nitrogen filling machine.

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The Advantages of Using a Nitrogen Generator Engine Than a Nitrogen Tube

Primarily, both the nitrogen generator and the nitrogen tube are produced by the engine. Nitrogen-based wind filling for vehicle tires can not be obtained without the help of a generator engine. Nitrogen itself is already present on our earth with 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen content. Then the rest consists of several kinds of noble gases such as argon and carbon dioxide. The workings of a high-pressure compressor engine will drive wind which then enters the nitrogen generator. Then the system called PSA (Pressure Swing Absorber) will be filtered with a component called CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieve). With CMS, oxygen, nitrogen and various other types of gases are separated, then filtered nitrogen can be passed on to vehicle tires.

With a nitrogen generator engine, the results of the nitrogen process being channeled reach a purity level of 95-99%. Then during the filling process, first of all your vehicle's tires will be vacuumed until empty from the rest of the other gases so that the process of channeling pure nitrogen can be channeled into the tire to the fullest. That is why more workshops rely on nitrogen generator engines than nitrogen tubes.

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