Electric Welding Machine

Electric Welding Machine

Selling the Most Complete Electric Welding Machine

Welding is a technique of connecting iron by burning. Then the electric welding machine itself is a machine used in the connection process where the energy obtained comes from electrical energy. Electric welding techniques are also known as electric arc welding techniques through electric arcs directed directly at the metal surface. If you need an electric-based welding machine, get easily through Indotrading.com online shopping sites.

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Various Types of Electric Welding Machines


Machine Type


AC Electric Welding

  •  Using a system of alternating current from the arc of the transformer to weld.       
  •  Have complete equipment with inexpensive maintenance systems.       
  •  Mass cables and electrode cables can be exchanged for mutual influence.       
  • Small arc flames can reduce the incidence of porous welds.       

DC Electric Welding

  • Obtain an electric arc with direct current obtained from the electric motor dynamo engine.       
  • Able to create a stable arc flame.       
  • This type of electrode can be utilized on this machine.       
  • Lower noise level.       
  • Reliable to weld thin plates.       

AC / DC Electric Welding

  • Can be used for direct welding and alternating current.       
  • Known as a double welding machine.       
  • Is flexible to do various types of work.       

List of Electric Welding Machine based on Indotrading

Brand / Type

Price Estimation

Welding Fujiweld Econoarc 200W SMAW (Electrode / Stick) Welding

IDR 3,000,000

AC / DC TIG Pulse Lector + MMA + Plasma Cutting Machine

IDR 19,000,000

Welding Fujiweld Inverdelta 400I SMAW (Electrode / Stick) Welding

IDR 16,000,000

Welding SMAW (Electrode / Stick) Welding Fujiweld Inverdelta 500WI


IDR 13,000,000

LasBlack Rhino MMA-400 (Gouging) IGBT Welder

IDR 3,000,000

RedFox MME 120 Electric Welding

IDR 800,000

RedFox MMA 120 Electric Welding

Rp 900,000

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