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Inverter Welding Machine

Inverter Welding Machine

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Things You Need to Know in Using Inverter Welding

Inverter welding is also known as a welding machine that uses electricity with efficient inverter technology, which requires 450 to 1500 watts of power. No wonder that its use is often relied on in household welding. However, when using it, there are some things that need to be considered, such as the following:

1. Air circulation cooling fan

The inverter welding machine has a sensor called a thermostat which functions to provide safety in the event of overheating. When overheating occurs, this machine will be assisted by a maximum cooling fan so it is necessary to ensure that this machine can function properly.

2. Stable power supply

When using, make sure the inverter welding machine has relied on stable electrical energy. Avoid using generator sets that are not equipped with devices to keep the mains voltage stable.

3. Excessive use of machines

Do not force the engine performance excessively. For example, when you want to use it to make a canopy with a power load of 900 watts, then avoid excessive welding which can drain the machine's performance. Because this can cause the machine to be easily damaged and not durable.

4. Welding wire according to specifications

Also make sure you use welding wire that matches the machine specifications. Because if it is not appropriate, this can trigger damage. To be able to find out the appropriate work process, you can follow the instructions in the manual.

If you want to use an inverter welding machine, be sure to use a quality welding machine such as the Inventer Jasic welding machine, as well as the Multipro inverter welding machine.

In addition to inverter welding machines, you can also use other welding machines such as TIG welding machines, MIG welding machines, plasma welding machines, laser welding machines, and others.