Honing Machine

Honing Machine

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Korter machine is one type of abrasive machine / honing machine used to work on the abrasive process which is carried out using a number of abrasive rods. Honing process for surface finish in engine cylinders. This machine is often used for lathe workshops to make cylinder blocks of various sizes to suit various sizes. There are several types of korter machines based on brands, models and specifications, to get various types of korter machines according to what you want, you can directly buy a korter machine with cheap wholesale prices from suppliers, distributors, dealers, agents, importers and all existing sellers in Indotrading at the lowest price with the best quality.

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Function of the use of cortical machines

Korter machines were originally known as lathes that work with cylindrical fields. In short, this engine has the main function in providing holes from the cylindrical plane. Often this machine is used for the needs of the motorcycle workshop, especially in producing the performance of motorcycle spare parts such as pistons. There are 2 functions why piston motor spare parts need to be worked on using a corter, which are as follows:

  1. Overcoming worn piston conditions: Due to continuous use, this causes the piston cylinder sides to become crusty and worn. This condition can cause the combustion performance of the motor to be reduced by 40% or commonly known as engine down. This piston also needs to be sorted so that the inner side of the piston can be eroded which then makes the surface wider again and the engine can work optimally.
  2. Add CC motor: This condition is so important, because it concerns the overall motor performance. On the other hand, working with a corter also helps the piston hole size to be widened, then triggers a wider combustion and thus the engine becomes jacked up.

Services for the price of cortical machines found in workshops are usually charged at a significant cost. To modify the price usually can reach a range of 300 to 500 thousand Rupiah. While services to widen and erode the piston will cost around 250 to 300 thousand Rupiah.

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