Overlock Machine

Overlock Machine

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Various Types of Overlock Sewing Machines

Overlock sewing machine, or known as overlock, is a machine that is used to create neat and unraveling sewing edges, so that clothes do not tear easily. The overlock machine is equipped with a cloth cutting knife that is able to create stitches regularly. The various types of overlock sewing machines are as follows:

  1. Thread three: this type of sewing machine is one of the most frequently used by tailor service owners, generally used for brushing blouse or shirts.
  2. Four thread: this type also has the same advantages as a triple thread machine, but is mainly used for sewing edges on shirts.
  3. Yarn five: for this type of one is generally used in sewing jeans so that the yarn pants are not easily biodegradable.
  4. Thread six: a standard type of fabric pulverizing machine by manipulating stitching for various types of complicated materials such as woven or knitting.

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