High Speed Sewing Machine

High Speed Sewing Machine

Selling Quality High Speed ​​Sewing Machines

High speed sewing machine is one type of sewing machine that works faster and stronger when compared to other types of sewing machines. Often this machine is used for textile industry purposes, because it has a stable speed when compared to other types of home sewing machines. This sewing machine has a very large dynamo, generally 250 watts which can maximize the speed of the sewing machine. Another plus is that this sewing machine has an automatic engine lubrication system, so that machine performance will always be maintained and maintenance will be easier. There are so many types and specifications of high speed sewing machines that you can get online at Indotrading with the lowest price and the best quality.

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Overview of Functions Using High Speed ​​Sewing Machines

High speed sewing machine (high speed) is a type of machine that has the same function as an ordinary clothing sewing machine, only this machine has a level of speed and stability that is more qualified than ordinary types of machines. High speed sewing machines are equipped with a dynamo of 250 watts, whereas ordinary sewing machines are only equipped with a dynamo of 100 watts. That way, it is very clear that a high speed machine can create maximum results, especially if you want to have a sewing service business.

In addition, high speed sewing machines have an automatic oil lubrication system so that we do not need to provide lubricating oil regularly. Simply by setting the pedal of the sewing machine, then you do not need to worry about the condition of the machine that will be damaged or crashed if you do not provide lubricating oil.

Advantages and Disadvantages of High Speed ​​Sewing Machines


  1. Can withstand high pressure aka the engine can work continuously for use 24/7.
  2. Reliable for sewing thick materials.
  3. Able to sew any type of thin, slippery, wide material with special needles of 9 or 11 sizes.
  4. Can use jeans with 20 or 40 thread sizes, special cotton and nylon threads.


  1. Not portable so it is difficult to move to several places.
  2. Requires a large electric power consumption.
  3. Sometimes produces a type of stitch that is not straight.
  4. Because the machine works too fast, users sometimes need a certain amount of time to be able to adapt.

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