Hot Press Machine

Hot Press Machine

Hot press machine is one of the machines that is often used in the industrial sector of manual and digital convection and screen printing. The function of the hot press machine is to dry the screen printing results, it is used to transfer ink from transfer paper to the fabric and attach the transfer paper to the fabric for working on digital screen printing based on solvent, pigment and dye ink. attach wood veneers to other structural materials such as MDF, plywood, particle board and others. The way a hot press machine works is that after applying glue or other adhesives, wood veneers and structural materials are stacked and pressed while being heated. The application of heat aims to warm the glue or adhesive material so that it is easier and faster to attach the two materials. A flat engine surface will also produce neat and uniform results, so as to produce a good quality product.

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How the Hot Press Works

From the name alone it is well known that this machine relies on the temperature of heat which is used to attach wood veneers to other structural materials such as MDF, leather and so on. The workings of this machine are very simple namely after coating the glue on other adhesives, wood veneers and structural materials can be stacked, then pressed with a hot press machine. The aim is to warm the glue or adhesive so it is easy to stick. A flat engine surface can also facilitate neat and quality results. That way, this machine is very instrumental in the production process that requires the joining of 2 different materials. Hot Press Machine is very important role for the processing of veneer material in furniture products and other interior products. Interindo is a custom interior and furniture company that has these facilities for the production process.

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