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CNC Machine

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Nowadays, technological developments have experienced very rapid progress where computers have been applied in machine tool tools such as: Lathes, Drilling Machines, Milling Machines, Scrap Machines, and others. The results of the combination of computer technology with mechanical technology is called CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) in which the operating system uses a program that is controlled directly by the computer. CNC machines are machine tool automation systems that are operated by commands whose programs are in the form of codes and numbers stored in storage media. Compared to ordinary machines, this machine is more accurate, fast, consistent and flexible, even for very complicated manufacturing.

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Knowing the Function of Using CNC Machines

Basically, CNC machines were created with the aim of replacing the work of operators who generally rely on conventional machine tools. Such as working on setting tools or adjusting the tool until the position is ready to cut, speed and depth of cutting to adjust the direction of rotation of the main shaft.

Currently there are many CNC tools that have been equipped with various cutting tools so as to make the work more precise and easily numerically directed. In the system operating parameters can be adjusted according to needs through available software programs. Often CNC is needed in the metal industry which works in controlling mechanical systems and metal cutting in detail. Coupled with the presence of CNC machines that have developed extraordinary and facilitate human work through automated machines.

List of CNC Machine Prices in Indotrading

Brand / Type

Price Estimation

CNC Plasma Cutting

IDR 40,000,000

CNC Crafing

IDR 70,000,000

CNC Plasma MX 1224

IDR 70,000,000

CNC Student Learning Kit

IDR 20,000,000


IDR 70,000,000

Cnc Lathe Lathe Dmtg

IDR 300,000,000

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