Eye Screwdriver

Eye Screwdriver

Buy Eye Screwdriver directly from the distributor. Cheap price, warranty and reliable Distributor. The screwdriver is a hand tool that is used to turn the screw. Screwdriver rod is made of steel, while the holder is made of insulating material such as wood, plastic or hard rubber. Mata screwdriver can be divided into two tigers, namely a flat screwdriver (minus) and star screwdriver (plus). Currency Type Screwdriver namely: Slotted / straight: straight regular with transverse grooves. Used in the assembly of wood to wood ties. In a special design for Phillips screws with a Phillips head. Pozidriv shape similar to Phillips head screwdriver but there are additional transverse line dividing the eight-part screw head. This screwdriver can not be used to open a Phillips screw holes, but otherwise a Phillips screwdriver can be used to open Pozidriv screws. Square: Usually used for the construction of a car engine or other motor vehicles. Torx shaped like a star and is used for the automotive industry, electronic equipment or motors.

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