Drill Bit

Drill Bit

Drill bits or tips drilling machines are mechanical devices that are sharp and threaded mounted at the end of the drill functions as a means of making holes in various solid objects such as iron, wood, metal and plastic and cast concrete walls. To make a hole the size of the drill bit is needed with a large selection of sizes. The choice of size usually starts from the smallest size of 0.5mm up to the big 64mm and other sizes. For making a good hole, choose the right end of the drill according to the media material you are going to punch in, for example if you want to make an iron hole, of course choose the type of drill bit specifically for iron or steel and others.

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Type of Drill Bit

Manual hand drills, electric drills or seated drills must have several different types of drill bits for making holes in wood, plastic, walls, iron, metal and glass. The following are examples of drill bits that are widely used for various holes making needs in a variety of media.

Twist Bit
This type of eye is one of the most widely used types. Usually used for hand drilling machines and sitting both horizontally and vertically. For twist bits can be used in making wood, plastic and metal holes with sizes 4-12 mm.

Masonry Bit
Masonry bits are generally used to make holes in walls, stone or concrete. At the end of the eye there is a knife with a characteristic hard and has a capacity to hit with 4-15 mm bits.

Spur Bit
Now for the eyes of spur bits are usually also known as the eye for wood drill. At the end there is a sharp drill surrounded by a slicing knife. The tip of the spur bits serves to keep the eye straight so that it can create precision holes with a size of 6-15 mm.

Countersink Bit
This type is usually used to punch holes in wood with the same flat head shape. The end of the drill bit has an angle of 90 degrees and is able to perforate 45 degrees of the wood surface.

Forster Bit
Forster bits are used to punch holes in the spoon hinges. This type is applied using a drill to make it more stable. When operated with a hand drill, it will be very difficult to control the position of the eye with the resulting hole.

Cheap Drill Bit Prices

Are you looking for information on the best drill bit prices for various holes making needs? Search and find a variety of drill bit sets from the best brands that already have advantages in terms of quality material that is not easily broken and blunt when used. Here are some information on the estimated price of a drill bit set that you can make a reference.

Type / Brand Estimated Price
25mm 1mm-13mm Nachi Rp. 1,280,000
Nachi 19pcs 1-10mm Rp. 880,000
Bosch X-Line Titanium 41pcs 1-6mm Rp. 265,000

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