Fish Food

Fish Food

Fish feed or pellet is a common name used to refer to food eaten by fish for their survival. At present many manufactured feeds are commonly called pellets. Pellets are made from a variety of ingredients that are mixed and printed into small granules that will meet the nutritional needs of fish. For fish feed problems, you don't need to worry because offers the best and quality fish feed solutions. In there are thousands of suppliers of fish feed (pellets) both types of floating pellets and types of sinking pellets.

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Types of Fish Feed

Pellets are artificial fish feeds that are usually produced by factories with a composition consisting of various materials such as wheat flour, fish, meat, fine bran, rice bran, coconut cake, and various vitamins and other additional nutrients. In general, pellets are divided into two types, namely the type of floating and sinking. Both have different specifications, ingredients and designations. For more details, here are the reviews:

1. Floating Pellets

Floating pellets are a type of fish feed intended for types of fish that are on the surface of the water. The protein content in this type of pellet is greater when compared to the type of sinking pellet. No wonder the price is more expensive. Typically, floating pellets are given in the early stages of fish cultivation development.

2. Sinking Pellets

Different from the type of floating pellets, this pellet is for fish species that are active in the water base. The protein content of sinking pellets is smaller than that of the floating type. Usually, the farmers often use this type of pellet when the fish enter the harvest season to increase the body weight of the fish. The reason is, to increase fish body weight, protein intake must be reduced.

How to Choose a Good Fish Feed you can count on to find quality fish feed products. Because, through our website, you can get quality products directly from the supplier so that the price offered will also be cheaper. Besides having to be smart to choose a manufacturer, there are several things you can do to get quality pellet products, including:

1. Customize fish feed with the type of fish

Fish feed is very diverse, there are pellets, vegetables, and even liquids. Adjust the fish feed with fish preferences, because there are some fish that do not like certain types of food. Pay attention to the designation of fish feed when buying it.

2. Economical prices

If you are a fish farming business, the main thing you should pay attention to is the type of feed at an affordable price, but has enough nutrients to be able to increase the weight of the fish, with a relative harvest time shorter so that the benefits obtained are quite a lot.

3. Nutritional content and adequate nutrition

To stay healthy and grow big, fish not only need protein, but also need other nutrients such as fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrient substances.

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