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Pure Honey

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How to tell the difference between real and fake honey

Much sought after, especially during the current pandemic, honey is one of the food ingredients that is used as an alternative immune vitamin.

The high demand for honey also encourages more and more counterfeiting or imitation of honey. Consider the following ways to be able to distinguish real and fake honey.

1. Honey texture test

The first way you can do is to test the texture of the honey. Does the texture of the honey have a good consistency or not. You can test it by using your thumb. Dip a little honey with your thumb and see if your honey doesn't drip or spread. or spread. If it drips, then you can be sure that your honey is not pure or has been mixed with other ingredients. If it still stays on your thumb without spreading to other surfaces, then your honey is sure to still have the original content.

2. Honey Test with Water

You can also check honey by using water. Pour a few tablespoons of honey into a glass of water. Pay attention to your honey, if your honey dissolves in water, it's possible that your honey is artificial honey, because the nature of real honey when it meets water is like pure coconut oil, which is not soluble and settles at the bottom of the glass.

3. Honey Burn Test

How to make sure your honey is genuine or not can also be done by using the honey burn test method. This method is the most widely known, but this method is also the most risky. To do so, make sure you do some preparation beforehand. Real Honey can burn, so if you want to try it, take a little honey and try to burn it with fire. If the media burns, then the honey is real.


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