Linen Fabric

Linen Fabric

Buy Linen fabrics at the best cheap wholesale prices from the best brands from suppliers, manufacturers, importers and distributors of linen materials for the textile and convection industries that provide hundreds to thousands of fabrics with various specifications. Linen is a fabric made from natural fiber or natural fiber. The characteristics of linen fabric that has a soft / smooth and strong texture, this fabric is often used for the manufacture of various textile products such as clothing, home and office equipment such as chair covers, curtains, bed linen and various other handicrafts. To get the specifications or types and motifs of various types of fabric, you can directly submit a request to buy or procure linen material right now to get cheap price quotes from all suppliers and distributors in Indonesia in now.

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Cheap Linen Fabric Prices Per Kg / Per Meter in Indonesia

In Indotrading you can easily search and buy types of various plain linen motifs, colors, motifs of the highest quality. For that, immediately submit a linen offer request, so you will quickly get a list of the best linen prices for the needs of your garment factory and textile factory. If you want to get various types of fabrics of the best quality you can immediately see also the list of prices brought here:                                                                                                                         

Japanese Linen 1.40 meters wide Rp. 75,000
1.40 meters Wide Pure Linen Rp. 90,000
1.50 meters Wide Strawberry Fabric Linen Rp. 70,000
1.50 meters Wide Linen Cotton Fabric Rp. 75,000
1.5 meter wide Linen Slub Rp. 45,000

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By submitting a request for goods through the RFQ Indotrading application, you can immediately get a complete selection of prices, price comparison and comparison of specifications of all types of products or fabrics that you are looking for. Suppliers and distributors or importers will certainly offer several choices of prices from the most affordable price and more expensive prices with comparable quality so you can immediately get it easily and cheaply from a trusted company in

Types of Products Made from Linen Fabric

When talking about any products made from wrapping or basic materials of this linen fabric, there are certainly a lot that can be applied using this type of fabric, for a variety of products or items that often use linen as a material for making them, here are the types and the model:

Koko clothes

Advantages and Benefits of Linen

Of course each type of fabric has advantages and various advantages of each type of fabric, for example, easy to absorb sweat, cold when used and not easily tangled or so on which you can find easily by touching and using it. For the advantages and advantages of this linen include:

Has thick fabric fiber when compared to other types of fabric
Comfortable and soft and has a cold sensation when used at any time.
Fabric texture is not easily wrinkled and broken.
Fabric texture is soft and smooth, so it is comfortable to use.

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