Freight elevator

Freight elevator

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For those of you who work in the field of building construction, of course it's no stranger to what a freight elevator is not? Yes, this elevator is a vertical transportation tool which functions to move items from one floor to another. Therefore, there are many special lifts for these items in several projects for the construction of shopping centers, restaurants, schools, and office buildings. As the name implies, this elevator is only intended to transport goods. To get a special elevator for quality goods, now you don't need to feel bothered in searching. Because you can find it online and easily in

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Rp 55.732.755
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Rp 8.000.000

What is the difference between a freight elevator and another type of elevator

In terms of function, of course there is no difference between the freight elevator of this project and the type of elevator in general. It's just that the project's freight elevator is more safety because it is equipped with an iron trellis so that it can guarantee the safety of passengers and the items inside.

Not only that, a striking difference is also seen from the price list of freight elevators with a list of lift prices to transport people. Yes, for the price alone, this freight elevator is still more "affordable" than the lift used to transport people because this special elevator for transporting goods has a minimalist design and is made of steel.

Meanwhile, special elevators to transport these people have a modern and elegant design and are made of stainless steel material so that they are more luxurious but still consider the safety of its users.

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For those of you who are confused looking for a place that sells elevator goods at low prices, guaranteed, and of course quality. So, you can search for cheap freight elevators in Indotrading. Yes, Indotrading is a marketplace site that is a "container" of several suppliers, importers, and distributors of all kinds of products that you need including project freight elevators.

What are the advantages of Indotrading with other marketplace sites? The advantage of Indotrading compared to other marketplace sites is that you can submit a purchase form along with the price quote you want at one of the sellers so that later you will be given a product price list. So, for those of you who intend to buy a special elevator for goods, then you can visit Indotrading. Don't forget to find a variety of other elevators such as boom lifts , elevator elevators , passenger elevators and much more on our site.

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