Glue Building

Glue Building

Function and Type Glue Building

Glue is a sticky material (usually liquid) to glue two objects or more. Glue can be made from parts of plants or animals, or chemicals from the oil. Glue Building is one type of glue that is often used in building construction. Glue building the type of glue made by the industry with a different purpose. Each type of adhesive has a characteristic and even can only be used to attach a particular object. Judging from the usefulness there is an assortment of glue in the world. Eg paper glue to connect paper, plastic glue to connect plastic, glass glue to unite the glass perfectly, glue PVC pipe to connect a PVC pipe with another pipe with a very strong. Well of various kinds and brands as well as the type of glue that makes a lot of choices for consumers in choosing the right type of glue and the most powerful rekatannya.

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