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Buy LED Strips from Cardilite, Osram etc. cheap wholesale prices with a complete selection of sizes and colors from suppliers, importers and distributors. Get a variety of benefits and functions of each model and color strip lights with various colors and models directly from the most expensive and cheapest light supply company in Indonesia. To get the lowest price of goods with the best competitive quality you can directly submit a purchase request from all sellers in Indotrading by sending buy lamps according to what you need. You can do all the submission of this purchase the easy way, which is enough by filling out the purchase request form via the page for request in Indotrading.

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The Latest Cheap LED Strip Prices for the Best Brands

Product Name Brands Price
SA5050 Led Strip Lights Fatro Rp. 350,000
Ska Strip D Package Brilux Rp. 330,000
Smd5050 Led Strip Brilux Rp. 130,000
RGB 2538 IP33 LED Strip Spark Led Rp. 350,000
Indoor Flexible LED Oscled IDR 70,000

From several list of price ranges from suppliers in Indotrading, from the name of the goods and prices as well as the brands above are estimates that are likely to change at any time. To get the latest information related to prices and specifications you can directly contact the seller directly or you can also propose procurement of goods through this page make a request to buy an LED Strips from tens to hundreds of companies in Indograding, of course if the company responds you will get a variety of price quotes from several companies that sell the items you are looking for. By way of procuring goods like this you will easily get the appropriate items and goods at the lowest price.

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Do you need information on the prices of the cheapest strip lights in Indonesia? The trick is easy, you just have to make a request to buy led strip lights with certain specifications by filling out a purchase request form that you can send to all trusted sellers such as suppliers, distributors and importers in Indonesia who provide hundreds to thousands of different types of lights with a choice of brands, models and colors that can be adjusted to the desired item. With just one submission that you send, you will get a lot of offers of goods at competitive prices that you can use for various needs for resale or to procure goods for your company.

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For buy led lights strips you can specify in advance the type of purchase, because generally the sellers provide products with two types of forms namely which is sold meter and roll. If you have determined which type of product you are buying, then you only need to provide information such as specifications such as brand, color and model. So to procure goods for your company, you can simply apply for procurement of goods online to all companies in Indotrading that sell lamps with specifications that match what you're looking for. In this way you will get offers of tens to hundreds of products from companies throughout Indonesia that are incorporated in Indotrading.

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New Product LED Strip

Led Strip Osram Linear Light Flex Power (Lf3000-G3-840-03)
Supplier : PT. Oscar Tunastama
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Barat
Dli Led Strip Philips Hv Ledtape 31086 5.6W/M @50M Lampu Sel..
Supplier : PT. Mitra Abadi Hanafindo
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , DKI Jakarta
Vinder Housing Led Strip Adjustable Non Cover
Supplier : PT. Bangun Bersama Internasional
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat
Led Wall Washer Rgb 36 Watt
Supplier : Prima Jaya Led
Price : Rp 2.500.000
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Barat
Led Strip 2835 Series Vacolux
Supplier : Toko Tjong Electric
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat
Lampu Selang Led Strip Philips 5.6 W 31086
Supplier : PT Cipta Kirana Adipersada
Price : Rp 1.275.000
Bekasi , Bekasi