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Outdoor Ceramic Wall Tile

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Types of Outdoor Floor Materials

1. Outdoor Decking Wood Floor

Outdoor wood flooring or better known as wood decking is the first choice that is commonly used for the outdoors. The use of outdoor wood flooring is widely chosen because wood is the main material that is hard, strong and also durable. Besides that, the aesthetics and appearance of the wood gives a natural and luxurious feel to every area that is applied with this wooden decking.

2. Synthetic Grass Outdoor Floor

The use of synthetic grass on outdoor floors is a type of flooring material that is currently quite a trend in society. The material that usually becomes the floor of the futsal court gives a natural feel from the grass but without having to think about extra growth or maintenance. Yep, because it is made of synthetic materials, this outdoor floor material has major advantages in terms of maintenance.

3. Natural Stone Outdoor Floor

This outdoor floor with natural stone material or base is quite popular. European-style modern minimalist home owners often use natural stone as a floor or wall covering in their favorite dwelling. Besides being beautiful and luxurious, this natural stone also has resistance to moss and fungus, so you don't have to worry about that.

Although difficult to repair if one day it breaks, natural stone floors come in various types and sizes. So if you want to use a large size for outdoor or a small size to be installed on your living room wall, it is very possible. With a note you must be able to choose colors that are similar to each other, because this material is very difficult to find the exact same color.

4. Concrete Outdoor Floor

The use of concrete outdoor floors is widely used for minimalist homes or for cafes. The use of this outdoor concrete floor is very 'instragamable' or suitable as a photo spot. With a cost that is not too expensive, this outdoor concrete floor is very durable and also quite easy to maintain.

That's a discussion of the types of materials for outdoor floors. In addition to outdoor floors, you can also use other types of floors such as ceramic floors, rubber floors, parquet wood floors, and various other needs for floors and walls.