Strobe Lights

Strobe Lights

Buy LED strobe lights at low prices, complete models and brands from the largest and cheapest distributors, suppliers and importers in Indonesia. Strobe lights are special types of lights mounted on motorized vehicles such as motorbikes / police or military cars, ambulances, fire engines, special patrol cars such as toll road patrol, DLLAJ, patwal vehicles, various heavy-duty transport vehicles and other dangerous materials. Search and find the best, cheapest deals with various specifications of ambulance lights, police lights, fire lights and various models according to their use. All you can get from all the lamp seller / manufacturer companies in Indonesia that are in right now.

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Price of LED Strobe Lights


Confused looking for information on the prices of strobe lights in Indonesia that offer the cheapest prices? Now you don't need to be confused anymore, because just looking for various types of lights including the strobe model in Indotrading you will quickly get a variety of product offers along with their full specifications here by submitting a purchase or offer request.

Police Strobe Lights and Ambulance Rp. 3,800,000
Strobe / Rotary Beacon Lights Rp. 650,000
Rotator Light Bar Rp. 4,900,000

Strobe Light Supplier and Distributor

If you have obtained various price information from various companies in Indotrading. You can directly submit a request for the purchase of all types of strobe in accordance with the brand or specifications that you want to buy, for example, for resale or for procurement of goods for police or military service or for various procurement of goods in various instances of other companies.

Strobe Light Type

Apart from brands and models, there are several types of strobe that are distinguished by installation. Because there are so many types of vehicles that can use this type of lights ranging from military officers, escorts and various operational vehicles for community services, the following explanation:

  1. Police lights are lamps that are generally long in shape with blue and red lights that are equipped with sirens.
  2. The fire extinguisher lights have an elongated shape mounted above the vehicle with a siren with a special sound.
  3. An ambulance lamp is a special type of rotator for a patient's car that is sick or dies, this type has a red light and there are sirens.

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