Rotary Lamp

Rotary Lamp

Buy rotary lights / rotator lights at cheap prices, the best brands from the closest, most complete and cheapest suppliers and distributors in Indonesia who sell rotator lamps at wholesale prices for various industrial needs, shops and all types of businesses in Indonesia. Rotary lights are one type of vehicle lighting accessories mounted on the top of the car. The function of a rotator lamp is to give a sign or signal that the vehicle is a vehicle under certain conditions such as rotator lights are generally used only on heavy vehicles such as trucks or containers that carry heavy or dangerous loads, ambulances, fire trucks and police or military vehicles. For your business and company needs, immediately submit a large purchase to all sellers in Indotrading, then get more profits for taking products in large quantities from reliable suppliers and distributors in Indonesia.

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Price of Rotary LED Lights for Cars / Other Transportation Equipment

Product Name Brands Estimated Price
12-48 Volt rotary warning light led Ecco Rp. 1,700,000
Rotary Lamp Q-Light Q-Light Rp. 450,000
Warning Light Hella Tbl 38113 Hella Rp. 200,000
Rotary Lamp Rh-24l Patlite Rp. 500,000
24 Volt Rotary Britax Britax Rp. 450,000

Types and Functions of Rotator Lights / Rotary Lights Based on Color

Based on the color of the rotary lamp or rotaor, it is distinguished based on the color of the lamp, from each color of this lamp this lamp can have different meanings or functions and benefits, here are each explanations for the different color meaning of the rotary lamp :

Lamp Color Type Rotator Light Color Meaning
Red Rotator Light This red light can only be used for vehicles such as prisoners, TNI escorts, fire trucks, ambulance cars, red crossbar cars, rescue cars and hearses.
Yellow Rotator Light

This yellow light is used only for motorized vehicles such as patrol cars on toll roads, DLLAJ cars, tow trucks, heavy goods transportation cars and highway cleaning cars.

Blue Rotator Light This type of lamp with a special blue color is only used for motorized vehicles / motorbikes of police officers.

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