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Buy ​​PAR lamps directly from the distributors. Cheap price, warranty and reliable Distributor. PAR lamp in the event the show is always not to miss because the most widely used and common. Dubai itself is actually an acronym for Parabolic Aluminized Reflector Lamp. This type of lamp is composed of a light bulb placed in cans or containers with color filters and the size of the bulb are manifold. PAR lamps usually act as ambient light to fill the whole room and produce a certain atmosphere. This type of lamp is present in a show as the most common fixture in stage lighting. In general, PAR is a static fixture (not moving), which fired a beam or light that glowed without having clear boundaries.

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lampu moving par led 7x10 watt
lampu moving par led 7x10 watt
lampu moving par led 7x10 watt
Rp 1.400.000
21 Feb 2022

light par moving 7x10 wattBs menggunakan mixer dmxCahaya sangat terang dan bagus utk panggung

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60 Watt LED Moving Lamp
60 Watt LED Moving Lamp
60 Watt LED Moving Lamp
21 Sep 2021

60 Watt LED Moving LampThis lamp is used in professional lighting.Sell Lighting Moving quality distributor price. We als

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Price lampu moving par led 7x10 watt Rp 1,400,000