Decorative Lamps

Decorative Lamps

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Buy LED decorative lights for parks, walls and ceilings at the best cheap brands from the closest, cheapest and most comprehensive supplier, distributor in Indonesia. Decorative lights or also often referred to by the name of a decorative lamp is a lamp with a unique model, consisting of various colors of diverse lights. As the name implies, this lamp serves to decorate the room or outside the room with colorful light so that it gives a beautiful artistic and exotic impression, both in the home, outside the home such as parks, entertainment stages and various other needs. If you need various types of decorative lights for decoration or for business needs that are resold or procured goods for your company, Indotrading provides various types of companies that sell hundreds to thousands of decorative lights that are sold at cheap wholesale prices.

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Decorative Lamps
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Types of Decorative Lighting Based on Usage

There are many types of decorative lights that we often encounter on the market, if we do not carefully select it then how to install it and the results will not look maximal beautiful. If it is distinguished based on the technology of this type of lamp, of course there are two types of ordinary lamps or lamps with LED technology. But if it is distinguished based on how to install this lamp, several types are distinguished, such as below:

  1. Indoor decorative lights are various types of decorative lamps with a variety of models and colors that are unique and minimalist to decorate various rooms in the house such as living rooms, rooms and can also be used during events at home such as birthdays and others.
  3. Outdoor decorative lights are all models or forms of decorative lights that are often installed in various outdoor uses, for example, installed into garden decoration lights, swimming pools and various other needs such as decoration lights for the entertainment stage and other needs.

The Latest Model of Cheap Decorative Lights

Find various types and brands of decorative lights to decorate a room indoors or outdoors for various purposes. To get information on prices and offers of various types of lamps with different brands, in addition you can see the price list below you can also directly submit a purchase request from all sellers in Indotrading via a page for requests to buy decorative lamps.

Type / Brand Estimated Price
Cloud Shape Wall Decoration Lights Rp. 48,000
Hanging Decorative Lamps Rp. 148,000
Cable LED Decorative Lights Rp. 35,000
DMX Magic Ball Lights Rp. 350,000
New Twinkle Christmas Lights LED Violet Christmas Rp. 150,000
Landscape Lamp Package Rp. 18,000

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